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How does your business use Hashtags?

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Rudy Ogawa

Picture this: You start your own small business. You’ve perfected your product/service and raised necessary capital and just need to get the word out. Logically, you create social media pages for your company as a form of branding and cheap marketing/advertising. You start devoting most of your time to these social media channels but nothing seems to be working. Your followers are low, your likes are low, and your comments are low. Your product/service isn’t to blame, so, what gives? Odds are, if you find yourself in a position similar to this one, you could benefit from the use of the hashtag.

The hashtag is a very useful tool for increasing social media visibility. Hashtags will make your posts more visible in social media searches by grouping your posts along with other relevant posts that share the same hashtag. This is why it’s so important to choose the right hashtags. Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags so it is important to make the most of that limit.

Your hashtags should be comprised of a mix of both general, popular hashtags and niche hashtags directly related to your business. Let’s say, for a example, you are advertising an app design. Hashtags like #appdesign and #userinterface would be appropriate niche hashtags to use. #technology #appstore would be broader more general hashtags that will be searched and seen by millions. A mix of both is necessary to maximize visibility. It’s important that you do some research within your field of business to properly understand which hashtags are popular and most shared within that niche. You want to use the most relevant hashtags possible in order to maximize the visibility of your posts. Take some time and check out the influencers within your field and see what hashtags they are using. Then, click on each of those hashtags and check out hashtags related to those. See which hashtags have higher numbers of posts and which hashtags have the most recent posts.

You shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with your hashtags either. Creating your own branded hashtag is a great strategy, especially if your marketing a product instead of a service. A branded hashtag is essentially a word a phrase that you make into a hashtag with the intent of purposefully attaching it to your brand and product. You can use these branded hashtags within your immediate caption whenever you share a post about your product and encourage your followers to do the same. Now, whenever that custom, branded hashtag is searched the feed will be full of images of your product. You’ve created your own little niche in the hashtag universe.

Hashtags are not the end all be all of the social media marketing world. If your hashtag game isn’t on point that doesn’t mean your business is doomed and you are destined to fail. Similarly, you could do all of the hashtag research in the world and maximize your visibility to the highest degree and still fall short. However, hashtags exist for a reason and it would be foolish not to use every tool eat your disposal. Proper use of hashtags won’t be the reason your business succeeds, but it may be the reason you gain that all-important follower that eventually turns into a customer and a sale.

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