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Why You Should Be Posting More Videos On Social Media

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Rudy Ogawa

If your social media engagement is slacking and you need more follower interaction you should strongly consider posting more videos.

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a million…especially on social media. While pictures and captions are certainly important marketing tools, videos often create more value and benefit per post.

Video posts provide you with a more versatile medium in which to influence your followers. You’re given the ability to use sound, in addition to visuals, in order to market and advertise your brand giving your social media presence a literal voice.

Also, videos naturally warrant more engagement from followers. A successful video post will lead to higher levels of likes, comments, shares, etc. This is obviously valuable from a traffic and metrics however, more than that, higher levels of engagement will lead to higher levels of visibility in your followers feeds and timelines. Instagram recently changed the organization of their feed from simply showing posts in order of time posted, to an algorithm that takes certain factors into account when determining the order in which posts appear. These factors include, likes, time posted, and how the user has interacted with your posts in the past. If videos gain more likes and overall interaction, it will lead that video and your future posts to appear higher on a given feed or timeline.

So don’t be camera shy! People like seeing videos on their timelines and are more likely to engage and interact when they do, and that interaction and visibility with your followers is priceless in all of your social media marketing endeavors.


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